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Pharma expertise and the latest technology combined

Combining deep pharma expertise with the latest technology and modern product development practices, BatchLine Lite MES is a cutting-edge manufacturing tool with a fresh approach, that’s built on decades of hands-on experience.

A Product Like No Other

BatchLine re-engineers the solution concept for digitising GMP production. It’s powerful enough to handle the range of customer requirements, but everything is provided following our principles of simplicity and intuitive user experience to take the pain out of the complex business of successfully changing your facility to a digital paperless operation.

Cloud Native

The original true cloud native manufacturing tool dedicated to GMP. BatchLIne was cloud (Microsoft Azure) from inception. Leverage the benefits of managed low-cost infrastructure, rapid deployments, and world leading Service Level Agreements (SLA). All customer's need is an internet connection and device with a browser.

What's included?

Discover new levels of productivity and control with our dynamic software. Optimize every aspect of your workflow. Elevate efficiency, precision, and quality with user friendly tools.

Processes & products builder

Build processes using a simple tool that anyone can learn, manage process and product templates as building blocks, utilise parameters and variants for minimal overall authoring volume. 

Process management
Product templates

Recipe management

Create and manage recipe BOM’s entirely within BatchLine or connect to your ERP. Use scalable batch sizes and product variables to limit master data volume.

Recipe BOM management
ERP connection

Production management

Schedule orders and track production progress. Everything is available in real-time for immediate feedback and visualisation, have multiple operators work on batches simultaneously to speed up overall work.

Schedule orders
Track production progress

Production execution

Digital production records managed by smart electronic workflows. Automated formulae, lists, time calculations and in-process-controls. All human-error proofed. Present text and engaging audio-visual content to guide users, and collect data via user friendly Operator prompts, camera images, file attachments, and automatically by connecting equipment and other software systems. 

Smart electronic workflows

Batch quality management

Dedicated dashboards and workflow for quality teams. See what's happening in real-time and be guided to spend your time exactly where its needed. Stay on-top of everything with a live review and approval portal and rely on the system to find all the information you need whilst never missing an issue.

Real-time dashboards

Seamless Integration

Enjoy the flexibility of native MQTT, APIs, file exchange, and IoT with node red powered edge devices. Slash costs vs traditional integration technology.​

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Document Management System

Equipment and Devices

Laboratory Management System

and many more!


We invest heavily in a robust and lean validation model that stands up to scrutiny. Available to adopt with supporting documentation all included in the subscription. Qualification reports and risk-based validation templates based on the latest GAMP 2nd Edition and CSA guidance's.

Robust and lean validation

Simple and proven approach

Clearly defined validation model available to follow or leverage with your own SOPs.

Extensive documentation available

Leverage our qualification documents and validation templates to reduce workload.

Built with quality and GMP compliance in mind

Our teams consider quality and GMP requirements throughout the SDC from the earliest design stage and multiple quality gates.

Highly risk-based approach

Our risk based methodology is designed to target testing where its needed, reduce non-value add activities, and optimise documentation whilst keeping quality of paramount importance.

Leverage our testing

Our SDLC covers extensive functional testing so you can focus on testing for intended use.

Validation services and training packages

Let our teams do the work and build in-house capabilities with our range of validation services.

Need Help?

Multi-tenant cloud architecture shares computing resources among multiple companies on the same server, separating the data from each other via a simple partition that prevents the data access from one company to another.  


This offers the benefit of cost-effectiveness, no upgrades headache for the customer, flexibility, scalability, low operational cost.  


Virtual Private Cloud allocates dedicated resources to a single company, offering enhanced control and security.  


Our solution provides both options, allowing you to choose the model that best aligns with your organization's needs. 

Our cloud-based EBR solution is highly scalable, capable of accommodating increased demand and business growth. Whether you're expanding operations or experiencing heightened usage, our solution dynamically scales resources to match your needs, ensuring uninterrupted performance and scalability. 

Cybersecurity is a top priority in our cloud-based EBR solution. We implement a multi-layered security approach to ensure comprehensive data protection. This includes robust encryption protocols, stringent access controls, real-time threat monitoring, and regular security audits.


Our solution adheres to industry-leading security standards and compliance requirements, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality at every level. Additionally, our multi-tenant architecture guarantees data isolation, ensuring that each customer's information remains secure and confidential within their dedicated environment. We are committed to providing a fortified security infrastructure that safeguards your sensitive data against potential threats or breaches. 

Updates and maintenance are strategically scheduled during off-peak hours to minimize disruption. Our maintenance window schedule is communicated in advance to ensure transparency and minimal impact on your operations. 

Our EBR solution is tailored to meet and exceed industry-specific compliance requirements. We understand the criticality of regulatory adherence in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors. Our solution is designed with a deep understanding of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), FDA regulations, EMA guidelines, and other industry-specific standards. Additionally, our solution undergoes regular audits, updates, and validations to guarantee continuous compliance and reliability within the evolving regulatory landscape. 

Yes, our EBR solution is designed for integration with various systems and software commonly used in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Utilizing modern integration techniques like REST API and MQTT, we ensure smooth interoperability, enabling easy data exchange and workflow continuity. 

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