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Digitising life sciences manufacturing with Lite MES : The Tangible ROI of EBR Implementation

We’re excited to share a compelling success story highlighting the remarkable return on investment (ROI) achieved through the implementation of BatchLine’s EBR solution.

Our collaboration with Cyto-Facto transformed their operations by seamlessly replacing paper batch records with our cutting-edge digital solution. Here’s a glimpse of the tangible benefits witnessed:

Time Efficiency: Speed is the essence of progress. Our solution expedited review and approval processes, slashing the batch release cycle duration by over 50% compared to conventional paper records.

Error Prevention: Human errors were minimized through automated calculations and time tracking, ensuring accuracy in every process.

Remote Access: The ability to access records remotely empowered swift decision-making, even outside the cell processing room, aiding in handling exceptions without delay.

Data Integrity: The risks of missing or compromised records were eradicated. Our system upheld data integrity, safeguarding crucial information.

Storage Savings: Bid farewell to the space-consuming stacks of sterile paper records. BatchLine EBR eliminated the need for physical storage, significantly reducing associated costs.

Impressive results speak volumes:


  • Imagine the freedom from page-by-page signatures, saving a staggering hour per batch.
  • Review time for paper-based records reduced by half, streamlining operations significantly.
  • External communication became a breeze with simplified batch records in PDF format, ensuring ease of interaction with partners and CDMO customers.


Testimonials directly from the frontlines:


Our solution’s impact, as echoed by QA personnel, speaks volumes:

  • BatchLine enhanced data integrity by eliminating the risk of accidental document loss or misplacement.
  • Liberated QA from the burdensome task of manual checks, allowing a focus on the core review process.
  • Improved workability through remote access, enabling quick and efficient record viewing.
  • Substantial cost reductions projected over a 10-year retention period, encompassing filling, archive management, maintenance, and outsourcing expenses.

Our commitment to your success drives our dedication to delivering solutions that resonate with your evolving needs. We invite you to explore the transformative potential of BatchLine EBR in revolutionizing your operations.
Let’s embark on a journey together to elevate your efficiency while ensuring unwavering data integrity.

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